"In Asia and sub-saharan Africa 80% of the farmland belongs to, or is cultivated by smallholders. These smallholders produce up to 80 percent of food consumed locally in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia." (FAO, agricultural world census)

Suggested reading

On this page background reading is provided in relation to the event:

  • The African Cashew initiative (ACi): Promoting Competitiveness of African Cashew Farmers [Factsheet] >> download pdf document
  • Competitive African Cotton Initiative (COMPACI): Empowering Small-Scale Cotton Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa [Factsheet] >> download pdf document
  • Sustainable Cocoa Business: Promoting Competitiveness of Diversified Cocoa Smallholdings in West Africa [Factsheet] [Factsheet] >> download pdf document
  • Food security: EU supports G8 initiative for a "New Alliance" with partner countries, donors and the private sector [Press Release] >> open webpage

  • G8 Action on Food Security and Nutrition [Fact Sheet] >> open webpage

  • Capturing the gains: Global value chains, upgrading and poverty reduction [Briefing Note] >> open pdf document

  • Capturing the gains: Economic and Social Upgrading in Global Production Networks [Article] >> open pdf document

  • Commissioner Piebalgs welcomes development ministers' endorsement of the agenda for change [Article] >> open webpage

  • Responsible Trade and Market Access: Opportunities or Obstacles for SMEs in Developing Countries? [Report] >> download pdf document

  • Diagnostic of the industrial value chain [Report] >> download pdf document in: English or French

  • Agribusiness for Africa’s Prosperity [Report] >> download pdf document in: English or in French

  • UNIDO and the METRO GROUP: Improving Livelihoods and Sustainable Food Supplies through Inclusive Value Chains [Factsheet] >> download pdf document or see other UNIDO factsheets

  • COLEACP: An interprofessionnal network promoting sustainable horticultural change [Brochure] >> download pdf document

  • Ethiopian Honey: Accessing International Markets with Inclusive Business and Sector Development [Case study] >> download pdf document

  • SNV Agriculture sector positioning paper [Brochure] >> download pdf document or see SNV's agriculture site

  • Learning from smallholder farmer contributions to  seed multiplication and food security in Zimbabwe [Case study] >> download pdf document

  • Agro-dealers in Zimbabwe: Scaling input provision as key for successful small farmer engagement [Case study] >> download pdf document


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